Allotment growing, plant learning & optional whittling

Allotment growing, plant learning & optional whittling

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When? At your convenience !

Where? Fitzroy Park Allotments, Highgate

What to expect?

Meeting on Hampstead Heath we will learn about a couple of seasonal plants and collect them to make tea with. We will make our own edible glycerine infused plant-based product with our discoveries. We will have a tour of Fitzroy Park allotment with Mick Rand (allotment king) and even plant some seeds before learning some basic pre industrial wood-working techniques. 

Meet our hosts!

Molly Moon Carr manufacturers, grows and distributes products from the peak district. Hand growing from seed, foraging from field and sourcing from other growers within a 10 mile radius of her site. Workshops are an amazing way to share and enable others to be more self sufficient and not to rely so much on shop bought products. 

Molly has run workshops with the core concept of strengthening our understanding of how nature can enable us to live with it instead of against it.

Throughout Lockdown 1 Molly Moon started a zoom session on Self Sufficiency focused on seasonal recipes to reduce those shop visits. The workshops changed with the seasons and were focused on taking a second look, to help prevent this throw away generation expanding.

Hi everyone! Mick Rand here. For those of you who haven’t met me before, I helped Sasha to organise the unique and yes, ground-breaking (!) “Closer to the Veg” art exhibition at the Fitzroy Park Allotments in Highgate, N6, back in 2016.

I’ve been an allotment gardener at Fitzroy since 1993 so yes, with me, food growing has been, and is, an obsession! I'm also a keen whittler and devisor of the whistle spoon that Sasha deals in...