Children's Art Lessons,  Kensington Gardens or in your local garden or park!

Children's Art Lessons, Kensington Gardens or in your local garden or park!

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For anyone who'd like their children to get more creative!

Art lessons for children (ages 6-10) will encourage imaginative thinking; story-telling, improvisation, co-creating, making and innovative games to help your children explore their imaginations and develop their creativity in fun and engaging ways together. 

Over the Happy Hours they will learn observational techniques, learn to explore different materials both 2D & 3D, experiment with mark-making and also develop their confidence and ability to communicate about what they're making. They will also learn about other artists' works and techniques. And most importantly they will HAVE FUN, they will learn to work together, to not be afraid of experimenting and that there are no mistakes!

Class 1 *Show & Tell / Observation*

What will you need?

  • Before the class each child chooses an object from the house that is important to them and that they think tells a story (and they don't reveal to the others.)

  • Materials for drawing with (e.g colouring pencils and paper) will be provided. The children are encouraged to bring with them household objects which we will make into drawing equipment: eg. pasta, sponges, vegetables (broccoli, potatoes..)

In this session the children will learn about how to talk about their objects via playing various improvisation and guessing games. This object will then become the subject of a still life that they will all draw. We will also look at other art historical examples of still lives to inspire the compositions. They will learn some useful observational techniques in varied short fun drawing exercises. 

*Meet your host*

Having graduated from Edinburgh University with an MA (Hons) in History of Art in 2011, Sasha has been working as a freelance contemporary art curator and educator for the last ten years. She specialises in commissioning cross-disciplinary artists to collaborate with local communities in unusual public locations from Highgate’s allotments to a canal boat led Dionysian procession along Regents Canal or campaigning to preserve the visionary art environment known as ‘Gerry’s Pompeii.’ Through lockdown she has been building communities online via the arts, devising and leading classes for children to expand their imaginations through creativity as well as running an online Life Drawing Class (Drawn Chorus) for adults.

"I was very impressed by how Sasha managed to get the children's attention during the art lessons. One is 12 and the others are 10 and 8 and all three were as excited to start the lesson and as engaged throughout. It was great to see them open up and dare to explore their artistic side in different mediums. Sasha told them about art history and other stories and they were also asked to do a bit of storytelling themselves! They loved it! Sasha is pretty cool! thank you." -Teresa

(Image: post class where we looked at artists from Abstract Expressionists to Pointillists, listened to music whilst learning about Kandinsky’s synaesthesia and experimented with mark-making, creating our own tools from house hold objects from broccoli to sponges.)