Monday 9th May 3-6pm: Children's multi-sensory plant learning & animal tracking, Hampstead Heath

Monday 9th May 3-6pm: Children's multi-sensory plant learning & animal tracking, Hampstead Heath

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 "I never thought I could eat the tip of a thorn bush or a sticky weed or that I would see my father sniffing the grass on all fours! Thank you for this wonderful and unique experience of nature."
Juan (aged 12) and Thomas (aged 10)

 To book for a group of 10 kids email me:

Where? Hampstead Heath, address of meeting point on booking. 

What to expect?

Specially designed to engage children from ages 8-13 years old, this foraging walk will take us into the Autumn season.  Tamara will gently introduce the children into the magical world of plants, using all our senses to identify around 15 wild edible plants and flowers that provide us with both food and medicine. 

The children will learn about the vitamins and minerals in these plants and what they can be used for in our daily lives, they will also be shown any poisonous plants that we encounter, making sure to learn how to recognise and understand them so we can safely avoid them.

They will also be taught some basic animal tracking techniques, learning to inhabit animals and increase their ability to carefully take in their surroundings!

Meet our host!

Tamara Colchester is a wild food teacher and writer who guides people in the old ways of foraging as a route to a simpler, more connected way of life. Trained by renowned wild food teacher and author Ffyona Campbell, she now travels the UK reintroducing people to our wild heritage. Incorporating her interest in psychotherapy and healing (she trained at Tavistock & Portman), she specialises in using foraging and tracking techniques as a means of helping those suffering from PTSD, Depression and Anxiety, as well as those who are simply interested in deepening their relationship with their environment and the food we eat.